Fault and Threat Planning, Injection and Detection

In today’s’ highly competitive consumer landscape and with perceived military threats all around, minimizing the potential for threat is a core competency for us. Whether this is a potential military security threat or a threat to you product brand reputation, any threat should be treated with a great deal of planning and risk mitigation. Defining processes to minimize the effect of the threat should it occur should be a critical behavior of most companies.

Social media has mobilized the general public like never before. Previously, quality threats could be managed by the company internally without the general public having too much knowledge of the issue, but the widespread use of twitter, facebook and social media generally, has meant that any little product recall or failure can now be turned viral in minutes, causing a potential meltdown in brand reputation and share prices.

Take Airport Safety for instance, we are proud partners with TASC on the TESS TSA contract. We provide key support on critical tests to ensure that airport checkpoints and check baggage areas are safe from threats. We work with all stakeholders in the planning, execution, reporting and analysis of essential Test & Evaluation Events to assure this objective.

ADS provide fault and threat planning that specifies the injection of faults or threats into the system or process with the intent of observing the reaction of the system or process, to determine if the reaction was appropriate or if it occurred at all. We analyze the responses, classify them, and report and if requested provided recommendation to counter the injected fault or threat.