Development and Operational Test & Evaluation

Acquired Data Solutions has in-depth expertise to provide comprehensive Test & Evaluation (T&E) services at the product, system or process level. We are capable of providing services at any phase within a program or can provide complete test services from concept though production (operational). We offer the following services for each phase:

  • T&E Policy & Guidance
  • Coordination of Stakeholders
  • Requirements Definition
  • Test Planning
  • Test Execution and Reporting
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Statistical, Functional & Benchmark Analysis
  • Suitability and Effectiveness
  • Verification and Validation
  • Acceptance Testing Definition and Execution
  • Test Equipment Definition
  • Test Equipment Development and Delivery

ADS provides critical testing expertise during the Conceptual, Design & Development and Operational Phases.

We develop a test plan for each phase and as testing commences we remain flexible in our planning to provide feedback and changes as testing progresses to adapt parameters and processes to guarantee successful test experience.

Our test engineers use best practices to build tests that acquire data with integrity and deliver meaningful test results that can be analyzed and reported to decision makers.


Our team plans, manages and executes developmental tests – that is the verification and validation of systems, sub-systems and components – to ensure that performance capacity and reliability of a device meets certain thresholds during systems engineering process as the manufacturer asserts. Gaps in functionality are identified and communicated to the appropriate parties for next actions. Typically, Developmental Test focuses on meeting technical requirements within a controlled setting such as a laboratory. Rigorous developmental testing decreases technical risk and improves the likelihood of conducting a successful Operational Test.