Software Soultions

ADS is greatly experience in the development of test, measurement and control software covering all manufacturing and operational scenarios, so whether you manufacture products or use them in the field, we can help you develop successful software solutions based around industry standard software development tools. Our experienced team of software engineers can develop software solutions to meet your exacting requirements in data acquisition, test, measurement and automation applications.

Software Development

AcquireIT – COTS Web based test data management platform 

AcquireIT combines the ease of use and sophistication of a modern web based commercial system with a novel deployment approach delivering flexibility and robustness under a unified management system. The AcquireIT integrated test management platform is based on an advanced architecture that integrates a set of essential functions with a modular framework for rapid deployment and flexible management. These essential functions are:

  • A sophisticated data acquisition, query, and analysis system
  • A workflow management system, capable of operating multiple workflows
  • An integrated roles-based access control system
  • A specialized document management system
  • A framework for modular enhancements
  • A framework for integrating instruments, analysis algorithms, modelling and correlation procedures, and hands-on user interactions
  • An integrated training system
  • Integrated versioning, archiving, and compliance
  • Built-in real-time diagnostics