First/Last Mile Integration

One of the biggest challenges to many companies who choose to develop test, measurement and controls solutions internally is having the right resources at the right time of development. Often test is typically not seen as a core competency of the company manufacturing a product, gaps appear in the domain knowledge or development skills of the engineers employed to create more and more demanding test solutions. Often the engineers are brought in from other disciplines such as research and development or quality control. So what happens when the gaps appear?

Deadlines are missed, costs escalate and frustration abounds. We understand these issues and can help you reduce the effects. We are here to provide a credible and skill focused extension to your staff to both assist in the ramp up for testing and to get the last mile of your project done on time and on budget. The first mile requires planning and test sequencing to get it on track form the beginning and to structure an organizations staff to be cost and schedule effective. Typically availability of personnel to ramp up is a major challenge. The last mile is often a complex combination of test engineering and quality control. This is one of our key expertise areas, bring us in to efficiently surge your staffing requirement for the first and last mile of integration and test. Of course we are always available for the miles in between.