Measurement, Data Acquisition & Control Systems

ADS can deliver the system solutions you require. Our extensive experience and technology partnerships enable us to provide innovative solutions to meet your exacting needs whether this be:

  • Testing electronic products
  • Monitoring explosive blasts
  • Measuring RF signal imperfectionss
  • Improving the performance of you security equipment
  • Monitoring the performance of your manufacturing systems
  • And many other applications

Complete, ready to run data acquisition and control solutions that enable you to capture, measure, analyse and visualize your measurement data. We call it “Data acquisition into Action”, meaning that the real world signal is captured from the measurement sensors into the data acquisition hardware. This data can then be analysed by the system software to provide measurement results against the conditions set, whether this be for testing against limits or against PID control algorithms.

The final and most critical part for enabling you to make important decisions about how to improve your performance is to be able to easily visualize the results. These insights into the system performance will be the actionable items needed to make the changes you need.

Utilizing high performance sensors, industry standard measurement hardware such as PXI, cDAQ and cRIO and the National Instruments LabVIEW and TestStand software development tools, we can develop custom built solutions to meet your exacting data acquisition and control requirements on time and on budget.

Whether you requirement is to log a few temperature measurements, or to control a real time application using complex PID algorithms, our certified and experienced engineers will work with you to create the specification, complete the system design and commission the complete fully tested system at your facilities.

Whatever your data acquisition requirements, ADS can turn your data acquisition requirements into actionable, accurate and reliable results every time. As we call it “Data acquisition into action”