About Us

ADS is foremost a data acquisition and control company spanning a range of operational, environmental and technical domains. These domains range from RF spectrum, vision, acoustics, and vibration to testers and systems that emulate environments and capture responses for development and operational test. We have several key themes that embrace our mission; “Data Acquisition to Action”, “Sensors to Solutions”, and “Total Data Awareness”.


Product Testers:

Low to mid volume, mid to hi mix product testers with analog or digital stimulus and results. Range from go-nogo testing for production to diagnostic testing for product development. Often combined with database management.

Heritage Testers:

Similar to above but with the added constraint of having to duplicate older testers without changing certified testing process.

Measurement, Data Acquisition, and Control Systems:

Providing digital and analog stimulus (emulation) and acquiring responses (capture), either on a timed basis or stimulus basis often coupled with extensive data management, summation, and presentation to decision makers.

RF Spectrum Capture and Emulation:

Primary market of Spectrum Defender. Systemsranging in complexity from a single channel capture (record) or Emulation (playback) to systems requiring 8, 16, 32, 64 or more channels. Lower channel count systems mostly used to capture and emulate RF environments in place of field testing. Larger channel systems provide significant reduction in testing of massive signal processing systems by introducing emulation capability to fully reproduce a signal environment or front-end of a large system such as radar or sonar.


Another Spectrum Defender application distinct from the above in requiring additional software modules in the software suite of Spectrum Defender to implement. Addresses replacement testers and new requirements in the EMI/EMSEC field.

Acoustic and Vibration Applications:

Providing acoustic and vibration monitoring ranging from equipment health and status to threat detection. Superb sensor technology based on fiber optics. Broad range of applications and solutions in both civil and military domains.

Machine and Visual Inspection Systems:

Data Acquisition/Monitoring using visual technology to capture data based upon visual triggered events.

Development and Operational Testing and Evaluation:

Planning and execution of tests for a variety of applications including process flow and security systems.

Fault and Threat Planning, Injection and Detection:

Planning and inducing faults and threats into systems or processes to observe reactions and validate response or provide corrective actions