Existing test equipment solutions for EMSEC/EMI Testing are no longer manufactured, no longer supported, cannot be calibrated or repaired, and do not take advantage of significant advances in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that have occurred over the last 10-15 years. The EMSEC/EMI test equipment marketplace that is no longer producing offerings with a sustainable product lifecycle. In addition, there does not appear to be a clear migration path to modern RF hardware and DSP technology jeopardizing timely adaptation to new and emerging threats.

Spectrum Defender Offers a Highly Flexible Reconfigurable Solution for EMSEC/TEMPEST

The ADS Spectrum Defender RF Record/Playback system solves this community-wide dilemma by combining high-performance, widely available RF instrumentation hardware with software specifically designed for the EMSEC community. Spectrum Defender consists of modular hardware manufactured by National Instruments in high volume, and used in thousands of commercial RF and wireless applications throughout the world. It is well supported by service depots in many regions. These factors will allow for extended calibration and support lifecycle across many years, with excellent time to repair, regardless of an installation’s geography. The Spectrum Defender system acquires raw RF signal data in IQ format, the internal software suite performs the DSP computations necessary for in-depth EMSEC analysis applications.